Watup everybody it’s Outasight and I’m super excited to share my new song, "Life Of The Party". This song will kick off a summer full of NEW MUSIC from yours truly. I know every summer has a soundtrack and I want to be yours.

"Life Of The Party" is not just a party anthem (which it is), but a declaration of self confidence. It’s a song to give you that swag to walk into any room and own it. It’s a song for those who just got paid, put on their best outfit, and are gonna have a good time no matter what else is going on. Life can be pretty crazy so it’s important to have some fun and love yourself! This is the soundtrack to your legendary night.

So enjoy this song and please make sure to share it with all your homies. There’s plenty more music to come with all different kinds of vibes, so get ready. But for now, turn it up the speakers and sing it with me, “THERE GOES THE LIFE OF THE PARTY!”

Peace N Love - OU