Hey it’s Outasight and I’m incredibly proud to announce the release of my new song “Feel Good” featuring the homie Hoodie Allen. Super excited about this one. This song has summer written all over it and it's meant to cheer anyone and everyone up. It’s about having one of those great days, where everything is going right and nothing can bring you down. Hoodie adds a fire verse and the production was handled by the amigo The Ready Set.

I promised a summer full of music, and I meant it. I spent the past year and change working on the album, and I was super honored to have Hoodie get on this. If you’re feeling this song, it would mean the world to me to share this song, whether on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat or wherever else. More than anything, I just want people to hear the song and have a good time while doing it.

And…..please stay tuned. There’s plenty more music to come. And videos. But for right now, enjoy this epic jam. So without further ado, turn up the speakers and FEEL GOOD.

Peace N Love - OU