When did you start listening to my music? Was it Radio New York? Figure 8? Tonight is The Night? Was it recently with The Boogie or Do Something Crazy? No matter when it was, I am thankful to have you listening. Now, I am proud to present to you something new to listen to, my 3rd studio album, Richie.

Richie is my name. It’s what my family has called me since I was born. This album is me. It’s fun, a bit silly, loves to party, has lots of energy, and is good for some personal stories too. I worked hard on it, spending countless hours trying to get it to sound just the way I wanted. I only hope now you will love this record as much I loved making it.

What’s amazing to me is that I get to call my childhood dream a job. After I realized I wasn’t going to make the major leagues (lol), being a singer was the only thing I aspired to be. I couldn’t have done any of it without the support of each and every single person who has streamed a song, bought an album, and came to a show.

This record is a completely independent release. That means YOUR SUPPORT is the driving force behind people hearing this! Share it, talk about it, play the music at every function and know that I’m always here for ya and thankful to have you in my corner.

I am excited for the next step. New videos, new shows, the whole 9. So today marks a new day for me. Let the Richie era begin!

Thank you.